A weekend spent in the Greek Island of Syros

A weekend spent in the Greek Island of Syros

One of my plans was to visit one of the Cyclades islands, so I thought, why not the capital island? That’s how I decided over Syros, though I almost stayed in Athens… Thankfully it seems I am blessed with luck, and that led to acquiring a new nickname, Big Ass!

Why such an awful nickname? Well, obviously there is a really good reason for that, actually, a few good stories to share, so let’s start by the Genesis. One friend of mine (Natalie) told me that Greek people have an expression to describe someone that has too much luck, as we (Portuguese people) say “You were born with your ass pointed to the moon” (or something alike, it’s hard to translate expressions). Greek people take things easier, they just say “You have a Big Ass“, what for some people could be a compliment…, but whatever…


I could share with you a few situations that would prove how big my ass is, but this story, definitely, the best one!

I, Gil Sousa, hereby declare that I have the biggest ass in the whole world! Quote this, please!

Friday night I went to a party with some friends, a great party on a terrace (yeah, yeah, it’s already hot in Greece), and…, I got drunk…, no comments about this, please… The problem here, is, that I had bought tickets to Syros for the next DAWN (7:35 is still dawn for me)…

Me in Galissas, Syros
Me in Galissas, Syros

I got at home at 3:00, I looked at the time when I was changing my alarm settings to 6am. Usually, 30 minutes is enough to get to the boats, but on weekends the metro line that goes to Piraeus has some interruptions in some parts of the path for maintenance, so I thought that 1:30 before should be safer…, if I didn’t get drunk on that night…

At 6am I woke up with the alarm (is so sad that I remember so many details…), and I changed the alarm to 6:15…, but…, I don’t remember to wake up with the new alarm…

At 7:05 I woke up, again…, I looked at my phone and I saw the time! I only had 30 minutes to get to the port!!! I was SO SCREWED!!! I don’t know how fast I go dressed and I got to the street! Thankfully I had already everything packed (sometimes it’s nice to be psychotic…)!

Usually, I never see taxis passing in my street, but that morning I saw 2, the first one was booked, the second one was my (crazy) driver! And in that precise moment, I realized that I need some diet…, my ass is growing day after day…, I told the guy that I only had 20 minutes to get to Piraeus. Apparently, he thought he had enough time to stop and try to get an extra passenger into the taxi. I don’t know…, but I barely manage myself not to kill him in that precise moment! Him and Nikos, who cursed me about the weekend! Jealousy is such a bad thing!

At 7:35, I was inside the ferry! After this…, I think I already spent all my lucky credits at once! For whom that doesn’t know Athens, this doesn’t sound “amazing”, but believe me, it was! Nobody has so much luck! I am agnostic, but after this it isn’t hard to believe in something powerful “up there”…

A weekend spent in the Greek Island of Syros
A weekend spent in the Greek Island of Syros

Now…, my trip! The “I want to make you jealous” part! First things first, what I really needed there? A BIKE!!! I rent one amazing bike which had the speed control panel broken… The island isn’t big, but big enough to take a couple of baths at different beaches. I have photos! I don’t want to describe everything, it’s boring for you to read how amazing was my weekend was, so let’s make it shorter…

I bought a camping tent for the islands, it’s cheaper and I love camping! But it was even cheaper than I was counting with (and with this, my ass grew a little bit more…). When I got to the camping park, the reception was closed… I just thought I had to do free camping, and I did…, inside the camping park! And with authorization, one old man who was there and told me that I could camp for free inside of the park! I could tell you about the detail that I tried to mount my tent on a bees’ nest, but it is too boring to do this without Ouso… That story is really juicy with Ouso’s inspiration! I tell you later.

Beach in Ermoupoli, Syros
Beach in Ermoupoli, Syros

Despite what I initially thought, I wasn’t alone in that park. We were 2, but I was the only one with a camping tent. The woman was sleeping inside of a camping-“dorm” or something alike. Strange “room”. We spoke a lot after dinner, then I had to sleep…, there were no lights on the park…

The next day, yesterday, I woke up at 7:30, I packed all my things and I went to another beach. (Am I close of getting you upset with this?) Then…, Ermoupoli, the Cyclades‘ capital! It isn’t that beautiful when you see it from the boat…, but it get’s really amazing when you walk through the city! Ahh, and I spent a couple of hours on another beach until I went back to the port!

Ok, this is the short version of my weekend. Pretty amusing, no?



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  1. Avatar de HailA.

    Curious, why do I think that when I arrive to Portugal everybody is going to tell me how lucky am I, as well?;)

  2. Gil, this pretty much captures the experience. I CANNOT BELIEVE that you made it to the ferry after the evening on the roof. You DO have a big ass!

  3. Hello Gil Sousa

    Sounds like a great adventure.
    Keep enjoying the beautiful Greece in a nice mood. Don’t sleep, don’t eat, just party and travel all night long!


  4. Avatar de Natalie

    Hey there, Gil! I can see you had not only a nice weekend but obviously a lot of luck too. Because, apparently, you did’t get lost this time!! ;P See you soon !

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