What did I pack for Scotland?

O que levei na mala para a Escócia?
O que levei na mala para a Escócia?

Another article about what and how I packed for a trip, this time, my trip to Scotland. Even though this might seem like a boring article, it is always a good idea to see how another person prepared for a trip, and what went wrong (or not). I write these review once I am back, because it doesn’t make sense to just list what goes inside my backpack.

This time I went to Scotland, just for a week, so I thought it wouldn’t be necessary to worry too much about what I would pack. One week flies, so I wouldn’t have to worry about doing laundry somewhere in between. Therefore, I just counted the days I would be traveling, and I packed according to that.


What did I pack for Scotland?
What did I pack for Scotland?

I must admit that, for a week and with company, the iPad was completely useless…, I only used it in my last night because I was alone in the hotel, otherwise I wouldn’t even turn it on. Regarding the rest, I used everything and I am really happy with the tripod, which I bought in my previous trip. This time, even the 70-300mm lens was really useful, I used it a lot mostly because we were in rural areas and National Parks. After this I got a bit more eager to buy a new lens, with a bigger aperture, for landscapes…, maybe soon.

Clothes, hygiene (and extras) that I packed with me to Scotland

And there was something missing, a bag for the dirty laundry. Not that for a week it would make much of a difference, considering we got a plastic bag as soon as we bought the first snacks for the trip. But it is always a good idea to make sure the dirty laundry will be apart from the clean clothes, mostly to avoid odd smells…

Regarding the scarf, I didn’t even use it as it wasn’t that cold (for someone who lives in Ireland), but it ended up being used by my friend. And the towel…, I really need to buy a travel towel…, even though my beach towel is really compact, it would be much better to have a fast drying and compact towel. Maybe for the next trip.

And the game…., when one travels with more than one person, it is always a good idea to have a game for those moments when there isn’t much to do. It was the first time I took a game with me, and it lead to a few good laughs!

Things I bought along the trip

  • rain cover
  • hygiene kit

The rain cover was a big miss, I have one at home and I forgot about it! It wasn’t expensive, but an unnecessary expense… And the hygiene kit, that it had to be bough, and we did it right at the airport.

And looking at this list, this time my packing went really well, with exception for the rain cover, even though that was fixed really easily. This time I even ended up having more stuff packed than my previous trip. Even if it was just for a week, I didn’t care much about the weight, a week just by itself is quite short.

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