Visiting Cobh, the port of Cork

Visiting Cobh, the port of Cork

Cobh was my first stop, quite short though, but it was a nice unexpected sunny day! Who would’ve guess? Not me, definitely!

Talking about the Cobh I visited, not the Cobh I should have read before going there…, it is a very cosy town with very characteristic houses. I can’t upload my photos, for now, due the limitations of the internet providers…, but I think you can trust on me. It reminded me of some fishing villages and towns in Portugal, the area nearby the beach. Houses quite alike to each others, all together just with a different color what makes a rainbow of little houses, a nice place to walk on a sunny day.

As almost everyplace in Ireland, churches…, the main “church”, the Cobh Cathedral is something worth to see, on my opinion it looks better from outside. Inside isn’t nothing that special, at least for me that I am used to the great ornamented churches and cathedrals in central Europe, but still, if you pass by you should get inside anyway!

Visiting Cobh, the port of Cork
Visiting Cobh, the port of Cork

Another curiosity about Cobh, and this was one of the nice surprises for me (because I didn’t read before going there…), is that Cobh is the homeland of the first emigrant to the USA to pass through the Ellis Island facility, Annie Moore. I knew that a lot of Irish people traveled to the USA looking for a better life, but I wouldn’t guess that I’d visit the homeland of the first one passing through Ellis Island. It was nice to know, and I believe they are really proud of that!

And at least, another curiosity about Cobh and the Cork Harbor, Titanic was there! The bay is really huge and they have a landmark saying that that was the port where the passengers used to get to the Titanic, which of course couldn’t dock close to the town. They also have a sign telling that from there you can see the place where Titanic docked, so you only need to let your imagination flow and you might be able to “see” Titanic.

Next stop and next blog post: Blarney Castle!

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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