Visiting the Blarney Castle and Gardens in Cork

Another Sunday, another sunny surprise! What an amazing day, I wasn’t imagining to have such a great day and enjoying it so much! The Blarney Castle and Gardens definitely worth the visit if you are in Cork!

Again, the problem was lack of preparation…, I definitely should start preparing my trips in advance, and when I say in advance I mean preparing my trips.

I could compare Blarney Castle to the Portuguese Quinta da Regaleira, a playground for grownups! But Blarney’s gardens are bigger, much bigger! While Quinta da Regaleira you can enjoy it properly during an afternoon…, for Blarney Castle and Gardens you’d need a full whole day…, and because I am lazy and I left home after lunch, I had to run a bit…

Blarney Castle, as the name says, is a castle… Despite the fact that’s the main attraction, the gardens, the forest, the lake and the mansion makes the 10€ ticket to worth every single cent! There you can kiss the iconic stone, which I did…, that allegedly it gives you “great eloquence or skill at flattery“…, let’s see if it really works…

Visiting the Blarney Castle and Gardens in Cork
Visiting the Blarney Castle and Gardens in Cork

Walking throughout the forest and by the lake is quite a half a day…, I didn’t have time for everything since I have “L-A-Z-Y” marked on my DNA, but for the part I saw it’s worth the trouble. It is a quite relaxing walk, around 3-4 hours for the forest trails and small wood gardens, the fauna and flora is quite interesting!

Then you have the “other side” of the gardens, the Rock Close, a “not so fairy tale” corner of the gardens where you can see, allegedly, witches and druids settlements. It is funny, though, it seems that is quite old but not impressive as the rest of the castle. As I said before, it is like a playground for grownups and please, don’t miss that part!

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The the “private” area…, unfortunately that’s restricted and I believe it might be amazing as well! The mansion, or Blarney House, where people still live in…, therefore it isn’t public… yet…

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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