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Relaxing in Mollendo, a town in Peru off the beaten path

Early wake up in Mollendo! It was a huge difference, what we thought being tireless, guess it was really altitude sickness getting into our bones! It is hard to describe how different we were feeling, so much energy and so way better than the days before, that indeed was a big factor on our decision to skip the Colca Canyon.

Probably it was a mistake, I guess I’ll never know that, but by then it seemed to be the best decision, vacations is not only running around, some relax time is also important and it is impossible to see every single place.

So well, we decided to go to the beach! Our first swim on the Pacific Ocean! But not before some “travel issues”. Ramón and I woke up early, we knocked Tajana’s door but I guess she was taking a shower, she didn’t hear and we assumed she was still asleep. So, let the girl rest! We went to buy some sun-cream, and we did the huge mistake of having breakfast without Tajana, obviously she was not happy with it…, after everything solved up, we went to the beach, but now it was Ramón’s turn to stay behind, I have no clue why… We tried to call him, but no battery on his phone, oh dramas dramas, there ain’t a good travel without good dramas!

Relaxing in Mollendo, a town in Peru off the beaten path
Relaxing in Mollendo, a town in Peru off the beaten path

Time for beach!!! Renting some chairs and a beach umbrella! And being flooded all the time, the waves were strong but it was a real fun for us! We even had a crazy funny guy that approached us saying the he is from INTERPOL! After a few hours, our deserved and more than wished lunch by the beach!

After lunch, we went for a walk, the hotel and back to the beach. This time just me and Tajana, I think Ramón decided to take a nap… It was a whole afternoon of reading, sun and waves flooding our feet! Just pure awesomeness! After a while, Ramón ended up join us, so the trio was completed again!

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It was a long and amazing day, going back to the hostel for a shower to take out that Pacific salt… We had a very nice dinner, another walk through the town and back to bed! This time not feeling sick, but really relaxed! VACATIONS!

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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