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Arequipa, the charming city in the south of Peru

Waking up early in Arequipa…, it is strange to write this about every day of my vacations, which kind of vacations do you wake up early every day? Oh, jet lag…, right… Well, we went back to the creperie for a breakfast, and after that a “girly moment” of shopping! Souvenirs and etc!

Old style cars
Old style cars

We tried to go to a museum, but if I am not mistaken, we had to wait for the next tour, so we decided to skip it and we went to a Monastery, the Santa Catalina Monastery, such a beautiful place! A pure village in the city center, but a cloister… Nowadays it is mostly a touristic place with just a few nuns living there, but its history is quite interesting and worth reading a bit more about it, but not as much as to visit the place!

Santa Catalina Monastery - Window view
Santa Catalina Monastery – Window view

Lunch, was again at the arabic restaurant! Two days in a row eating at the same places, and both days with non-Peruvian food…, but it was really good! We went then for a walk throughout the city center, with a nice ice cream to cool that heat down!  And more “girly moments“, we found a very nice market with several hand-made stuff, quite cheap comparing with european prices!

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Our time in Arequipa was almost done, time to catch a taxi and going to the airport, and when we thought that the adventure was almost ending…, things also can happen at the airports. Starting with a manual search through out luggage, and when I say “manual” I actually really mean that they opened our bags and start digging through our dirty underwear for a few seconds until they gave up. Then, we found out that we had to pay an airport tax that was not included in the ticket price. WHAT THE HECK??? Almost 10 Peruvian New Soles! And then, we had to wait until they decided to open the gates…

Santa Catalina Monastery - Roof view
Santa Catalina Monastery – Roof view

When they announced the gates, we could proceed to the x-ray area, and then, more fun happened 😀 Ramón indeed over-packed, and he had a huge bag just for souvenirs and one of those was detected by the x-ray 😀 He literally had to unpack it just because of a piece of dust-gatherer 😀 Oh, that was a funny moment that I have on video 😀 We just had to wait more for the departure…

Arequipa, the charming city in the south of Peru
Arequipa, the charming city in the south of Peru

Arriving in Lima, and going to the hostel. I totally forgot how much they robbed us the last time with the “scheduled” taxi, and again, the same mistake! 30 soles… And, if I wasn’t enough pissed of with that “deal“, they forced us to pay in advance, the only hotel in our whole trip that required a pay in advance. Oh, I was really pissed of! And then, a very bad sleep night, hot, bad bed, and etc….

Where is Arequipa?

Arequipa is the second biggest city in Peru, and it is the south of the country in the Andean Mountains at an altitude of 2335 m.

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