Last day in Koyasan and way back to Osaka

My initial plan for my last day in Koyasan? Wake up really early and go and see the monks praying.

What have I done instead? I woke up really early (for my usual time), and I went to the onsen one last time!

I feel like I haven’t appreciate properly the pleasures of a good onsen, actually, I think I only tried the not so good ones. But waking up early, and having a very nice and long relaxing bath it was really a boost for my day humor. Yes, I was on vacations on a very awesome and special place, it would be strange not to be with a good mood, but that relaxing way to wake up is something we miss in Europe!

And after that relaxing experience, I had an even more intense one when I got to my bedroom, I had already my bedroom ready for the breakfast! I sat and waited for the feast, and what a feast… a superb vegan breakfast! Yes, vegan! And yes, superb! Some things I have no idea what they were, some  of them I mixed on my way, but every single combination was like an explosion of flavors! So good! Maybe that paid off on the accommodation’s price…

Last day in Koyasan and way back to Osaka
Last day in Koyasan and way back to Osaka

I had a few hours until I had to go back to “civilization”, initially I meant to stay the full day in Koyasan, but the weather wasn’t much inviting to stay, so I did a walk towards the forest following the very basic map I had. At some point I think I was lost, but I was indeed somewhere inside a forest, though following a national road with several signs saying “be aware of the bears” and “don’t walk alone”. I didn’t care much, I was going through the road so I assumed it wouldn’t be of a big danger anyway, but the rain… It reminded me home, oh Ireland…

I spent a few hours lost, so I decided to go back to town and do a walk before taking the bus to the cable car, and going to Osaka. Again, the same astonishing route through the mountains, until I had to change trains again I think I didn’t even sit just to admire the view.

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At some point, maybe near Nara I am not sure now, the train was already a bit packed and a guy sat in front of me, he definitely was a foreigner like me and he smiled at me which I assumed we met before, I said hi and that started a very pleasant conversation. He is an Australian guy that was in Osaka studying Japanese just because, and because he had 3 months on paid vacations that he decided to use as a learning experience which I think it is just an awesome idea! Another travel friend, another random person I met while traveling. I am sure that the chances to meet random people like this are higher when we travel alone, we are more willing to meet people and not closed inside a circle of friends.

Arriving in Osaka, I got into the wrong train. I mean, the wrong direction, but thankfully that was a circular line so I ended up going to the right place without having to chance again. Too early to check-in, just dropped the luggage and I went for a walk.

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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