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Catarindo Beach, a hidden gem in the south of Peru

Another early wake up, and another beach day was ahead of us! Really eager for that, if I reckon properly, we decided to go to Catarindo Beach because we say a photo of that beach and we asked where it is, so there we go! That’s something that I really enjoyed about our vacations, everything planned on the spot, everything enjoyed without too planning.

We had a nice breakfast, oh those papayas were H-U-G-E! Like the size of a pumpkin, I never saw papayas that big, and that taste…., that juices…

After the breakfast, we just took a taxi to the beach, and getting there was really cool, a nice bay so no wind, and fewer waves. Great to enjoy another very relaxing day! It was really a vacations day, lunch at the beach, a nice barrack just for us, and at first a bit worried about how to get back to the town…

Catarindo Beach, a hidden gem in the south of Peru
Catarindo Beach, a hidden gem in the south of Peru

The water was cold, but not as cold as the Portuguese Atlantic coast, and it was not that warm outside as well. I’d say that was just perfect, nice weather not too hot, nice water not too cold and no wavy. Hell yeah, vacations!

Going back, at first we thought about going by taxi, but, would we get a taxi there? The taxi drive said that was easy to get a taxi back to the city, but that was a bit outside and we were kind of in the desert. Taxis? Where? It was easy to realize that every car was a taxi, kind of funny to see people taking the “taxi” board from the trunk of their cars and suddenly, their own cars become taxis! Enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, and even getting money to pay their own trip, genius! But we decided to walk back, the weather was really cool and we had nothing else to do, why not enjoying a walk of a few kilometers to the town?

Mollendo seen from the desert
Mollendo seen from the desert

As I said before, we were kind of in the desert, so we had to cross part of that as well, walking. It didn’t take much time, but I am not sure how long either. We saw a few people doing jogging through that area, it is really a peaceful place, and running on the cliffs by the sea should be awesome! Desert in one side, Pacific Ocean in the other side.

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Getting back in town, we were tired! Beach is a like a hard job, but more enjoyable! We just had a dinner, I believe it was on an Italian restaurant? Maybe… And then, shower and bed! That shower had so much sand, I think we took part of the beach with us…


By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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