2010 review and 2011 goals

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In the beginning of this year I wrote a summary of what happened to me in 2009, a great year indeed preceded by a better year, 2008! Well, unfortunately I can’t say the same regarding 2010 and the name of this blog might give you that same idea.

I started this year with a goal, visiting castles in Portugal and writing a guide how to reach them using only public transportation…, well, I didn’t do it, just visited (again) Óbidos and nothing else, neither the Castelo de São Jorge which is 3 or 4 kms away from my current house…

Last year, when I returned to Portugal, I had the goal of going abroad again this time for a longer period…, that was the main reason why I accepted this job, I naively thought that being on a multinational company I would get a better chance, maybe in a couple of years I’ll harvest the result of this bet, but so far I see no vantage of this. We are now in December, and I am still in Portugal however not unhappy as you might expect, I really had the chance to prove myself that I am better than I thought, I just need to push a little bit harder and I will get it! I got the opportunity, I blowed it but most important, I also learned with it! I’ll keep this goal, to go abroad, but now with a slight difference I won’t make such a big deal of it.

I have now a nephew! That’s really a big thing for me, considering that there is nothing to be proud of my achievements this year, this is really something that makes me happy and really overcome everything else! Needless to say, that I really mean what I just wrote.

Another thing that I want to change is my blog’s name, but for that I need that something changes in my life, something worthy. The same applies to my life goals, I am almost 28 and I really had amazing experiences that makes me feel that I am having a great life! I shouldn’t complain about it, but I do. I feel that something is missing and I already know what that is, I need to do something meaningful with my life such as volunteering and helping those that really need it! This might sound pretentious or just another “Miss World” expression, but it isn’t. As I said, I am almost 28 and eventually I will die, sooner or later (duh), why spending my life helping others getting richer when I can spend my life helping others having a better life? My goal for this year is getting a way of self-sustain and invest sometime to learn something that I can earn money working at home and anywhere, this doesn’t mean that I will quite my job but that I want to get a Plan B.

In resume, 2010 was a failure as a personal perspective, but another amazing year regarding familiar aspects! The balance is positive!

2011 WILL BE better, definitely! Nothing concrete to do, and I don’t need to. I will keep trying to go abroad, maybe I’ll push a little bit harder, but as I said, I will just try! It is not a goal, it is a bonus in case I can get it! I will find a way to self-sustain and I will invest sometime getting good at it!

I am not lowering my goals to avoid disappointments, I just want to live one day at a time and keep avoiding to get resigned with my life!

Oh, and I almost forgot! I will keep writing in English, I have friends everywhere and not all of them know Portuguese (thanks google for the translator! but it isn’t the same thing), and I really need to improve my English…, is not that bad as used to be, but I really need to improve it! All the grammar-nazis are welcome to correct me, but privately, please.

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By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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  1. olá Gil, tenho a certeza que o próximo ano será ainda melhor!
    As ilusões são passageiras, portanto em breve estarás onde queres e como queres.
    Gosto de ler o teu blog em inglês, acho uma óptima ideia!
    Tb gostava de fazer voluntariado, o problema é que na maior parte dos casos temos de ser nós a pagar para ajudar os outros e a minha situação financeira n o permite..Mas espero conseguir um dia, próximo!

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