Visiting Stockholm and Norrtälje for a weekend escape

Visiting Stockholm and Norrtälje for a weekend escape

Not always traveling is for business or tourism, people travel for all unimaginable reasons and one can’t expect the return of such experience. I went to Sweden to visit a close friend, I wasn’t expecting to do much tourism, my goals were set to have a good time with a good friend and everything else would be a bonus. This said, there isn’t much I can share, on a tourist perspective, about Stockholm.

Tiago was living in Norrtälje, a small cozy town north of Stockholm, where some of the student residencies are, at the Roslagen Campus. It is about one hour away from Stockholm and Arlanda Airport, but the transportation is reliable and good. As far as I can tell, there isn’t much in Norrtälje to see, though it is perfect for a relaxing afternoon or even a full day. One can chill out at the lake Lommarn, a lake near the campus, I was there last February and it was still partially frozen.

About the weather, I chose to go in February because I wanted to experience some “real winter” and to see everything frozen. Happens that this year wasn’t that cold, in February the temperatures were surprisingly high. Not what I was expecting, but still a great experience nonetheless.

Exploring Stockholm

My first stop was Gamla Stan, the Old Town, an island in the heart of Stockholm. Cozy area that reminded me of some old districts in Lisbon, I felt like I was at home. I think I lost the track of how long I walked around, passing through the same streets more than once, just enjoying my time.

Visiting Stockholm and Norrtälje for a weekend escape
Visiting Stockholm and Norrtälje for a weekend escape

The capital of Sweden’s inner city has 14 islands connected by over 50 bridges. During winter the water can totally freeze and people can walk from one island to the other through thick ice. And of course, also ice skating! Even though the weather was warmer than expected, it was still possible for some ice skating, long time since I did it and I loved it! There I also met two Swedish friends of mine, what a great way to travel, visit new places and see old faces.

Besides Gamla Stan, we walked around a bit to the Parliament and the Palace, just for some sightseeing. The only museum we got inside was the Fotografiska, the Photography Museum. I loved it, and totally recommend it!

Sweden is a place to go back some day, I felt like I could live in Stockholm some day. Maybe a bit pricy but I wages are also higher comparing with Ireland.

It wasn’t my first time in the nordic countries, but the first time in Sweden. Another capital and another country to my list!

Where is Stockholm?

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