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The trip from Peru back to Europe

Jet lag, that strange thing that people talk about. How to avoid it? I have no clue, most of the tips I read say the same “Try to stay awake / go to sleep early according to the timezone of your destination”. So, before going to Peru I avoided to sleep to be able to sleep most of the flight to Peru and wake up on time for “breakfast”. It didn’t work. The way back, I had to sleep the moment I sat, because in Ireland that would be 2am! I slept, but it didn’t help with the jet lag anyway.

So, how did I manage to fall asleep fast? 2 bottles of wine! The small ones, of course, the wouldn’t serve a 1 l bottle just for one person… What a shame…, so, I got drunk and it was easier to fall asleep!

But before that, they served the dinner, to help me sleep I watch part of a movie while I was trying to ignore the fact that the plane was full of babies hoping that they wouldn’t start a crying orchestra and present us with their premier. We were lucky, or their parents also gave them wine… I kind of hope they actually did it.

After sleeping a few hours, when I woke up I checked the seat screen to see where we were, and for my surprise we were in Canada (?!?!???!) Basically, the flight went up north, and then from there just in horizontal to Amsterdam, they must have their reasons not to cross the Atlantic as I would expect…

First stop, and back in Europe! Amsterdam!! I think we only had to wait 2 or 3 hours, I am not sure about details now, and I remember that we went to some girly moments again for shopping, and I bought I book that I still didn’t open (one year and a half after). Funny thing, I remember that I said “If I open a book more than once while I am in a bookshop, it means that I want that book”. Let me scratch that rule, it couldn’t be more wrong.

The trip from Peru back to Europe

Again, another security check. I think airports should be more organized, doesn’t make much sense to force a transfer to pass again through security. And it happened again in London… 3 flights, 3 security checks, 1 ticket booked. Non-sense.

The flight to London was with some turbulence and lateral winds, not a big deal, but not a peaceful flight. The approximation was not that smooth either, though the landing was totally ok.

Do not travel without Travel Insurance!

I highly recommend World Nomads, travel insurance oriented to travelers. Well detailed before the unexpected happens!

Arriving at London City Airport (LCY), and having a preferential service! That was cool, someone picked us to pass all the lines because the time between our flights was quite short, with a woman guiding us through all the processes we had to pass (security again, etc).

And the last flight! Which wasn’t that straight forward either. I sat, on my place, I start reading and then… “Would you mind to change to another place? That seat is damaged.” Argggg!

Arriving in Dublin, then three more hours by car to Cork…, Tajana driving, me sleeping! And this was our trip to Peru, an awesome and unforgettable trip! An amazing country that I truly recommend, not only for the touristic places, but for the whole trip itself.

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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