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Peru – Getting there

I take a while to write…, but I do end up doing it 🙂 I’ll describe every single day, and to avoid really long posts, I’ll avoid to write in the same post the events of more than one day. And starting by breaking the rules…, Day 0 and Day 1!

Going to Dublin, after the several days I spent packing, I had to unpack hours before boarding…, the train! I was over-packed, a t-shirt per day, extra-shorts (????), pants for sleeping (wtf?? why not just underwear??) and probably more stuff that I left behind. I don’t remember how much, but it was a considerable amount of stuff… Then, meeting with Tajana at the train station and heading to Dublin, with a huge anxiety visible not only by my face, but also through my fingers, which I nibbled almost until bleeding…

Arriving in Dublin, the first night, a night in blank with Pedro, a friend of mine who lives in Dublin. Easy night, obviously I didn’t want to repeat the experience I had in Wroclaw…, then to the airport!

Oh gosh, not sleeping and having to wait at an airport is pure pain, I was hoping some quiet 16 hours to Lima, and hoping that the night in blank could be recovered on flight…, not really…, starting with a very slow check-in… Air France is a nice company to fly with, but a not so nice to deal with, the hosts at the check-in area were REALLY slow and annoying! After several minutes, she said she couldn’t check us in for the second flight, that we had to do it in Paris… considering that we only had one hour for the transfer…, guess what? And I should not forget to mention the tiny plane that took us to Paris…

Different terminal, hopping the bus, having to do another check-in, another queue, almost boarding, pre-vacations stress! Niceeeee! And the cherry was that due to the check-in problem, we had a 12 hours flight from Paris to Lima totally apart from each other! Isn’t that great? 😀 Thank you Air France, for the amazing service with transfer flights from partner companies!

Regarding the second flight, my first trans-oceanic flight, I had a great seat! RamĂłn as well…, Tajana not so much. But still, the airplane was very comfortable and with a lot of entertainment for the 12 hours we spent inside it. The headphones weren’t good, I had to use the Apple ones instead, but we had several movies, games, tv shows, music, etc at the distance of a simple touch, with individual touch-LCDs. I can’t complain about that, nor the food, if I am not mistaken, we had a main meal and two snacks, plus the “self-service” snacks and the huge amount of free Häagen-Dazs I ate during that flight! Yeah, it was an easy 12 hours flight 😀

Arriving in Lima, what a difference! Coming from Winter and arriving in Summer, the reddish sky, the heat, the dust, being 5pm but almost night, in Summer? They don’t have a DST timezone…, pity 🙁 And no money! All the ATMs at the airport were without soles, a not so pleasant experience…, but well, everything can be solved! A side-note, it was the first time I arrived at an airport and I had a taxi driver waiting for us 😀 Pity it wasn’t my name, but well, it was a funny and snobbish situation. And very handy!

School Bus in Lima
School Bus in Lima

Going to the hostel, and getting “robbed” for the first time. I only realized how expensive the taxi was when we came back to that hostel for the last days…, but I’ll write about that later. Yeah, the taxi was expensive (for Peruvian standards)! We did the check-in, at the hostel, then a short walk through the neighborhood, I was quite afraid about the possibility of being robbed at night, that I left the camera at the bedroom, but I totally regretted it a few minutes later 🙁

Not long after we went for that walk, we came back to the hostel, after all it was around “1.30am” on our heads, while in Peru was just 8.30pm…, going to sleep, because the next day we had to fly again…

Regarding the hostel, it was REALLY warm! I slept without sheets and with the window widely open, and that didn’t make me feel unsafe, almost all the houses around have a sharp metallic grid around the yards or the houses themselves for protection. The neighborhood seemed safe, but seeing that everywhere…, I don’t know… Our bathroom was really small, to shit I had to widely open my legs, or sit perpendicularly to the toilet…, and the shower…, that wasn’t a shower, that was a hole through where the water fell. Yeah, it was bad and we returned there…, my stupid idea! I still can’t forgive myself for that, how could I forget how bad that hostel is???



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