My trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima in one day

It was time to wake up, I get my phone and I see that it is 4:44, my alarm would ring in one minute, no need to try to sleep longer… I just had to get ready to go to Hiroshima. I had my shower, got my stuff and I went to the train station a bit afraid I could do the wrong turn somewhere, I did that path a few times with Elma and Max, but alone one can always do some mistake… It was fine.

I got an early train to Tokyo Station, that one is a world by itself! Elma warned me that it is a big one, but the indications are easy to follow, so I had no problems getting to the right platform. I just got inside the train, I placed my luggage and I sat on my place when I realized that I just had a glass of milk as a breakfast… Maybe I should eat something else, after all I had a long journey of about 900km ahead…

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I went to the vending machines, but I only had 5000¥, those machines only accept notes of 1000¥, damn… The next second I was already thinking about food, and I can’t have it, my stomach was begging! But again, it isn’t new that I am a lucky bastard! The bullet trains also have on the spot service! A few minutes later a girl passed with a trolley full of food and beverages! That saved the day!

I tried to sleep a bit, and I did, until we arrived in Shin-Osaka station, the next train was to Hiroshima and I thought it was time to decide where to go next, after all, I also needed to book my train tickets and hotels. I decided to follow the original plan, and I decided for Kurashiki. I kind of had a feeling that it would be just another tourists rip-off “traditional towns“, but I also needed to buy a few souvenirs…

My trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima in one day
My trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima in one day

But then the problem, a LOT of tunnels! And with my internet constantly being disconnected, it got harder to book a hotel anywhere, and the landscape outside the tunnels didn’t help to get distracted either, what an over populated country… But eventually I managed to book a hotel recommended by Frommers’ book, the one we used in Peru. I hoped the town is nice as they say, I have a good opinion about this books so far.

Finally in Hiroshima!

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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