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A few hours to explore Miyajima town

While I was getting closer to the town, I saw that the tide was low and that a lot of people were next to the tori, I kinda of regretted in the moment the fact that I visited the tori already, it would mean that I couldn’t get inside again without having to pay a new ticket… Surprise surprise, when the tide is low the entrance to the tori is not even through the temple, everyone can go there for free and so did I! That’s an impressive monument, and being next to it it is quite nice, I walked around a bit and then I was happy enough to go back to the town and relax another bit, with the book my Greek friends gave to me last year while having another cappuccino.

People visiting the torii during the low tide

Why do I always drink cappuccino? Because everyone knows what that is, though, some people like to personalize it in such a way that it becomes some other kind of coffee beverage also named cappuccino… Details…

Well, something was still missing, postcards! And so far, I’ve noticed that here they sell a lot of junk, things that you know you don’t need and most probably you really won’t buy it anyway, but postcards were hard to find, and stamps is another problem but I am happy I managed to get what I wanted 🙂

The torii by the end of the day

What else could I do? If not just keep walking around, it was already getting dark so no point in renting a bike for 1 hour, tops 2, and at some point I got a bit hungry, so I decided to try the traditional oysters, they were selling it in several different places and restaurants. Not bad, but I was expecting a meal and not just two oysters… That’s why Japanese people are thin and I am fat 😡

The torii during the sunset

And finally night! Time for the night photo shooting, a few photos here, a few there, long exposures and different arrangements, and… What? Why can’t I shoot? Auto-focus on? Nope… Lack of storage? Nope, but soon it will happen… Battery? Oh no… Time to go back home! I should have prepared myself for that, but no…. Bah! Well, at least I took a few photos, better that than none 🙂 let’s just see how do they look when I check them on the computer…

Nothing else to do, just time to take the ferry back to the mainland, the train and the tram to the hotel. Going to bed at 8pm, that was indeed a long day… Tomorrow another trip to a different city!

The torii at night

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A few hours to explore Miyajima town


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