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Going to the beach in Lima, a full day to relax

Finally!! I can write “waking up a bit late”!!! I don’t remember at what time exactly, but if I wrote that in my notes it means that it was kind of significant… After a shower on a mega-tiny bathroom with a “shower” that was basically just a hole in the wall. Yeah, Lima was the place where we had the worse conditions. We weren’t expecting anything fancy, but after 14 days on vacations in places where we indeed had low expectations, we were expecting something better in Lima. That, or not forgetting that we have been there before… Then breakfast!

We decided to hire a taxi and having another beach day, we have been quite warned by the taxi driver about thieves and robbery, and to take extra care with the camera even inside the taxi if the window was open. Nice start…

Old motorbike in Lima
Old motorbike in Lima

The sea-side landscape is quite cool, basically a huge brown-sandy cliff, the big towers on its top and the beach and sea-side route by the shore. Quite interesting to see the amount of signs saying “tsunami escape route”.

Arriving at the beach was scary, and when I say scary I actually mean S-C-A-R-Y! The amount of guys attacking the taxi and trying to take us to their zones was impressive, at first we really didn’t understand what was happening there, we just saw more than 20 guys around the taxi trying to open the doors and yelling to go with them! Then we understood what was happening and we just picked one guy to force the others to leave. Basically, these guys they get paid by commission, the amount of people the serve they get money for that.

Beach in Lima
Beach in Lima

A wonderful sunny day at the beach, eating ceviche without having to leave the towel is awesome! Ceviche is a very good dish and perfect for a hot day, very refreshing and tasteful!

Do not travel without Travel Insurance!

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Swimming there was also strange, two meters from the shore and we already need to swim!!! The safe zone is quite short, and that mostly because the area of wave breaking is also very close to the shore. We stayed there until sunset, and since we saved the taxi’s phone number we decided to call him again, the amount of times we read about taxi safety in Peru kind of pushed us to take these kind of precautions…

Going to the parking lot area, waiting for the taxi, we passed by a bunch of drunk kids that barely could walk straight, for a fraction of a second I thought I was in Ireland, but no, it was too warm outside! And back to the hostel!

Going to the beach in Lima, a full day to relax
Going to the beach in Lima, a full day to relax

To avoid problems, like our way to Peru, we decided to do the check in online, and that was a pain…, first we barely could find an internet place. When we found it, the internet was like the internet we had in Europe in the 90’s, extremely slow. It wouldn’t be such a drama, if the modern websites wouldn’t be like they are… From Europe we also had people trying to do the online check-ins, but the Air France website never gave a warning that the passport validity date was “required”, only an error. If we missed any other detail we would get the proper warning, but not that one. We took a long while to figure that out, since the internet also was slow to return the error messages…

And that being done! Time for a late dinner, pizza! And going to bed, to that hostel…


By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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