5 Epic Railway Routes in Europe

5 viagens de comboio épicas na Europa

Some of the most famous railway routes cross entire continents, and for the majority of us time to enjoy properly such an epic trip isn’t easy to have. It isn’t easy to take a full month for holidays, and even though one only needs 7 days to cross Siberia, to enjoy it properly it’s better to take a few stops, and for that 7 days isn’t enough… We need time, always time.

A few years ago I made a dream come true, an Euro-interrail (article in Portuguese). It was my first solo trip which took 10 days on a trip from Germany to Portugal, it was a dream that ended up becoming a reality by chance. The return tickets to Portugal by airplane were way too expensive, much more than 10 days by train through Europe. The decision was easy to make.

Trains are my favorite mean of transport, and thankfully there are countless railway routes all over the world. Some of the most famous railway routes cross whole continents, and for the majority of people the time to enjoy those routes is an issue. It isn’t easy to take more than a month off on holidays. And even though one only needs 7 days to cross Siberia with no stops, to enjoy that experience properly we must make a few stops along the route. And for that, we need time.

Europe - Railway Trips
Europe – Railway Trips

This is my first infography (original in Portuguese), with a few suggestions of small train trips in Europe, and obviously with one route in my gorgeous country, Portugal.

The suggested railway routes can be done in less than a day. I already did two of them, the Glacier Express and the Flåm Line, and I can vouch for both of them! Unbelievable! Not only for their breathtaking landscapes, of which these routes are well-known, but also regarding the information that is shared along the trip that allows us to learn a bit more about the places we are visiting.GuardarGuardar

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.


  1. Thanks for this. Big train fan but haven’t done any on the list, the Bergen to Oslo train in Norway was also incredible.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I totally recommend the one in Portugal, I would even say to go by boat and return by train, two different ways to see an amazing valley 🙂

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