Waking up not too early this time and going again for “Internet Hunting”. We went to the place we’ve been the day before, but it was closed in the morning, and even though there were several other internet places, also closed, we decided to go to the airport and have it done there, but again, no success. I don’t remember in detail, but I think that KLM doesn’t have offices at Lima Airport, or they were closed, I am not sure now.

Plaza Mayor, Lima
Plaza Mayor, Lima

Ok, let’s go to the city center, probably there we’d be luckier… And just a small detail, the taxis are extremely pricy at the airport. It is cheaper (but probably not safer) to walk a few meters more, and take a taxi outside the airport parking lot.

So, before going to the city-center we had to check-out at the hostel, on my notes I have a line saying “Tajana broke the map’s glass, and the guy’s reaction”. I have just a vain idea that she broke the glass of some board with a map, but not sure what exactly happened…, but well, that could have been funnier to tell if I weren’t that lazy writing these posts…

View from Barranco District
View from Barranco District

And now yes, we went to the city center, the not-so-beautiful city center of Lima, but it was there that we finally managed to check-in, and as I wrote before, the issue was indeed the passport’s validation date. We had our breakfast there, at the Plaza Mayor, and by that we were already tired of that city center. Not interesting for us, and not that nice to waste our time, so, we decided to go to Barranco for a walk.

Barranco District is a very well-organized and enjoyable district in Lima, very close to the sea on the top of the cliff. We walked around for a while, the small streets towards the beach are really nice and with several small cafés eager to get tourists like us, but we ended up inside a Starbucks :X No comments, please 😛 In Barranco we really felt safe, but it also looks like an expensive area to live, the housing is way better than any other part of the city we’ve been to, the traffic is way better as well, and it seems organized.

Street from Barraco to the beach
Street from Barraco to the beach

We then took our taxi, and we went to the airport passing through the hostel to pick up our luggage, at the airport we had a snack before our departure and some girly moments to buy more souvenirs and some sweets to the office! And back to Europe 🙁 It was nice while it lasted…

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A walk through Lima city center and Barranco district

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