Curiosities about Peru

Peru is a country that became even more famous since Machu Picchu ruins were elected one of the New 7 Wonders. But even before that, it was already a quite popular destination for this and other wonders of the Inca empire and other civilizations that inhabited that region.

Visiting Barranco district and Lima city center

Almost everything ready for our trip to Peru! And our trip starts with destination to Lima! Going to Dublin first though, after the several days I spent packing, I had to unpack hours before boarding…, the train! I was over-packed, a t-shirt per day, extra-shorts (????), pants for sleeping (wth?? why not just underwear??) and probably… Continue reading Visiting Barranco district and Lima city center

Arequipa, the charming city in the south of Peru

After passing by Arequipa for just a few minutes, probably less than one hour. We decided to return and give a second change to this city, and what a great decision that was! It was another long trip, but Arequipa welcomed us the best way we could wish for!

Mollendo and Catarindo Beach, a hidden gem in Peru

Here it is, the longest day of our holidays! Probably longer than the flights themselves, it was a long and challenging journey from Puno to Mollendo. It was a tough trip, but the destination was a very pleasant surprise, and a very well deserved rest!

Visiting and exploring Machu Picchu in one day

Peaceful night, at last! Some noise from the trains passing, but considering that the hostel is IN the train station I think that’s kind of expected. But even that didn’t disturbed me much. For the record, the hostel’s name is El Albergue and I recommend it! Really cool accommodation and certainly the best place to stay when you need… Continue reading Visiting and exploring Machu Picchu in one day

Visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Moray and Maras

The plan was to explore a bit of Cusco and visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas. I was quite excited about the excursion, to visit some places outside the city, and being in that amazing and historical valley! Not everything went as I expected, but still an amazing experience.

Exploring Cusco city and a tour around it surroundings

Time for wake up in Lima, early according to Peruvian time, normal time according to our brains…, packing the very few stuff we had unpacked, leaving stuff behind that we didn’t need (not my case, but some old trainers were left behind by someone not me). And ready for Cusco!