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5 Epic Railway Routes in Europe

Some of the most famous railway routes cross entire continents, and for the majority of us time to enjoy properly such an epic trip isn’t easy to have. It isn’t easy to take a full month for holidays, and even though one only needs 7 days to cross Siberia, to enjoy it properly it’s better to take a few stops, and for that 7 days isn’t enough… We need time, always time.


Visiting Oslo for three days

A long weekend in Oslo, and another country to my list, the 15th, Norway! And I already have the flights booked for the 16th and 17th! The 17th will also be my first country outside Europe!

Oslo is an amazingly expensive city! Really nice and organized, but soooo expensive! I think this is a nice introductory note, so let’s start from the beginning because a trip starts the moment we wake up…, or at least when we should wake up…