Silfra Fissure, swimming between Tectonic Plates in Iceland

Iceland‘s beauty leaves no one indifferent. The waterfalls, the geysers, volcanos, glaciers and much more. It is a magical country, and it definitely deserves to be visited! One of the places I liked the most was Silfra, a fissure between two tectonic plates where one can dive! Yes, diving between two tectonic places, an incredible experience that I recommend to all!

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Exploring Iceland’s Golden Circle by car

Visiting Iceland is a dream for many people, and for several good reasons. Mostly for those breathtaking and almost unspoiled views. But not only because of that, also all that mysticism that Iceland brings in us for all of those unique natural activities, that for most of us can only fit in our imagination. Like volcanos, northern lights and the midnight sun. Even for those who only have a few days to visit, the Golden Circle is a short route really close to the capital, and easy to visit.

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What did I pack for Iceland?

This year was amazing, and at last I checked out of my bucket list one of my travel dreams, this trip to Iceland! No, I didn’t see the Northern Lights, at least not with my bare eyes… (more about this in another article). But it was a trip that taught me a lot about loads of things, even how to prepare a bag and the trip itself.