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From Cork to Japan, the trip to get there

Every travel starts with the preparation, mine was close to none. I googled searched for places to visit in Japan, what to see, festivals, etc. And I wrote a draft of what I want to do, but I just did one booking and nothing else. Why? I never been in Japan, every single thing will be a new thing for me and it is impossible to see a country in just two weeks, so better chill out and enjoy the journey.


I have three main “base cities“, and I plan to go around them with a total open schedule, I am a solo traveler, let’s see how hard it will be to get last-minute accommodation….

Waking up Not going to sleep at all, something I wanna try to see if it works for the jet lag. Forcing myself to sleep for most of the long trip. I stayed awake the whole night, and at Cork airport I ended up meeting randomly with Bea, a work mate of mine. I slept from Cork to Amsterdam 🙁 not good.., I should be stronger… Well, I bet I’ll be wrecked either way…

Arriving in Amsterdam, I “lost” Bea, she also had a connection flight, so I stayed by myself for a while, I went to the train station and I decided not to go to the city, no plan to meet anyone there (yet) and I could relax a bit closer to the gate. Eventually I’ll meet with another friend there as well, but just for a short talk. A bit bored, and tired, I went to Starbucks and guess what? I am a girl 🙁

Starbucks - Jill
Starbucks – Jill

Finally queueing for the flight, and the first signs of stereotypical behavior start to be obvious, while waiting I saw a girl taking photos with random strangers, why? I have no clue, but obviously she doesn’t know them… I guess I’ll have more of this during the following days, and I am eager for that!

While chatting with Bea, we thought that I got one of the worse places to sit, 35K, I just sat next to an emergency door by the window 😀 a loooooot of space for my legs, I can go to the toilet without disturbing anyone and without being disturbed! Second time this happens on a long flight trip 😀 As my Greek friends call me, I am a big kolofardos 😀

Sleeping in economy class is definitely not the most comfortable thing ever, but I managed to take my nap and woke up at 6 am Japan time, let’s see if this helps in any way my jet lag…, and I guess this means that my 1st day is also over.

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From Cork to Japan, the trip to get there

By Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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You lost me because I was going to lose my connection flight! And between you losing me and me losing my flight… There’s no doubt. 😛 It was nice to meet you at the airport and have breakfast together before boarding the plane. 🙂

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