A few days in Amsterdam with friends for the first time!

Amsterdam is like the European Las Vegas, “our” sin city where everything can happen…, or at least most of the people hope so. Unfortunately the city is mostly known for the drugs and sex liberation, probably more than half of the tourists go there because of that same thing which, as I said, it is […]


And another country to my list, the 15th, Norway! And I already have the flights booked for the 16th and 17th 😀 The 17th will also be my first country outside Europe 😀 Oslo is an amazingly expensive city! Really nice and organized, but soooo expensive! I think this is a nice introductory note, so […]

Big Ass!

Why such an awful blog title? Well, obviously there is a really good reason for that, actually, a few good stories to share, so let’s start by the Genesis. One friend of mine (Natalie) told me that Greek people have an expression to describe someone that has too much luck, as we (Portuguese people) say “You borned with your ass pointed […]