Reviewing the hostels and B&B where I’ve stayed in Scotland

Once upon a time I used to surf couches, but now it seems like just another fairy tale… I still love the concept though, but nowadays I am more into hostels. Those times when I was hooked to couchsurfing, the main reason was the experience and contact I had with the hosts, never for the fact that […]

7 Instagramers you should follow to increase your Wanderlust!

First of all, what’s Wanderlust? According to the Oxford Dictionaries, A strong desire to travel:a man consumed by wanderlust According to me? It’s a bug, and once it bites you, you’re done! The poison can be painful, it can even make you depress, it can make you do unthinkable things. Unlike any other bug. Yes, it doesn’t look like a good thing […]

5 Epic Railway Routes in Europe

Some of the most famous railway routes cross entire continents, and for the majority of us time to enjoy properly such an epic trip isn’t easy to have. It isn’t easy to take a full month for holidays, and even though one only needs 7 days to cross Siberia, to enjoy it properly it’s better to take a few […]

My route through the Balkans

Being back from an adventure through some of the Balkan countries, it’s time to start writing about it. My first article of this series is about the route I took from Zagreb to Athens, the places I passed through and the reasons why. Croatia The decision to pass by Croatia was quite easy, I flew to Zagreb to […]

UNESCO in the Closet

We, travel bloggers, often write about our amazing experiences, how lucky we were handling some situations, how knowledgeable we are when looking for the best ways to get from A to B or how to find the best accomodation. Only great experiences… But lately I’ve noticed a few articles pointing in another direction, after all, traveling isn’t only a […]

Red Bull Cliff Diving – Inis Mór 2014

Yes, the title is correct. This event took place last year… What’s the reason for this delay? I let the time pass, and then it wouldn’t make much sense anyway, and now it is time for more Red Bull Cliff Diving. This year’s series already had a few jumps, and again this year one of the amazing stops […]

5 not-so-known places in Portugal you should visit one day!

Have you ever been to Portugal? No? You definitely should get that flight ticket and go there, now! It’s one of the cheapest countries in Europe to visit, it has 800 years of history as a nation plus a few other hundreds of culture and heritage. Lisbon, the capital, is one of the oldest cities in […]