A short visit to Killarney town in county Kerry

The weekend of November 23rd/24th I spent in Killarney, I’ve passed through the town a few times but never actually stayed a whole day there. I did it finally, the town is the start/end of the Ring of Kerry Route and it should be properly appreciated.

Visiting Amsterdam for a few days with friends for the first time!

Amsterdam is like the European Las Vegas, “our” sin city where everything can happen…, or at least most of the people hope so. Unfortunately the city is mostly known for the drugs and sex liberation, probably more than half of the tourists go there because of that same thing which, as I said, it is… Continue reading Visiting Amsterdam for a few days with friends for the first time!

Visiting Oslo for three days

A long weekend in Oslo, and another country to my list, the 15th, Norway! And I already have the flights booked for the 16th and 17th! The 17th will also be my first country outside Europe! Oslo is an amazingly expensive city! Really nice and organized, but soooo expensive! I think this is a nice… Continue reading Visiting Oslo for three days

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Hiking Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest mountain

Oh gosh, I don’t know how I have strengths to write this today…, but I have to! Today makes exactly one month since I arrived in Cork, so what’s the best way to celebrate it? Hiking the island’s highest mountain! Carrauntoohil!

Visiting the Blarney Castle and Gardens in Cork

Another Sunday, another sunny surprise! What an amazing day, I wasn’t imagining to have such a great day and enjoying it so much! The Blarney Castle and Gardens definitely worth the visit if you are in Cork!

Visiting Cobh, the port of Cork

Cobh was my first stop, quite short though, but it was a nice unexpected sunny day! Who would’ve guess? Not me, definitely! Talking about the Cobh I visited, not the Cobh I should have read before going there…, it is a very cosy town with very characteristic houses. I can’t upload my photos, for now, due the limitations… Continue reading Visiting Cobh, the port of Cork

Visiting Zurich for a few days

Zürich (DE), Zurich (EN) or Zurique (PT). It was nice to be away, again, and hearing german in the streets, it was a really nice sensation of nostalgia and great moments. That was my first time in Switzerland, not counting those two hours of transfer when I went to Athens, and it was great! Of course the reason that made… Continue reading Visiting Zurich for a few days

A weekend spent in the Greek Island of Syros

One of my plans was to visit one of the Cyclades islands, so I thought, why not the capital island? That’s how I decided over Syros, though I almost stayed in Athens… Thankfully it seems I am blessed with luck, and that led to acquiring a new nickname, Big Ass!