First of all, what’s Wanderlust?

According to the Oxford Dictionaries,

A strong desire to travel:a man consumed by wanderlust

According to me? It’s a bug, and once it bites you, you’re done! The poison can be painful, it can even make you depress, it can make you do unthinkable things. Unlike any other bug.

Yes, it doesn’t look like a good thing to mess with… But there is a very efficient treatment. It won’t cure you though, but it will ease the pain and definitely will help you with your wander-depression. You. Must. Travel.

It feels like a drug, and I think I am hooked to it! I dream about my next destination every single day. I get anxious when I don’t have any flight booked or any road trip planned. I really do! I swear! It’s that feeling like you must go somewhere else, and it doesn’t matter if it is that über-amazing place that everyone heard about, or if it is that little town in the middle of Siberia where you’ll have to find a way to communicate without words, like Zoe does. It’s all about experiences, new places and mostly also the new people we meet.

Another way to ease your wanderlust, it is by increasing it. It doesn’t sound right, does it? Well, I look at it as an exercise, to see other places through someone else’s eyes. Getting to “visit” amazing places that I never heard about before, or to see (again) those places I really want to visit one day but I never got the time, or the money, to visit. And with that in mind, I decided to share with you 7 instagram accounts that will make you want to wander! That will feed your wander-bug and ease your pain 🙂



“Zoe” must mean travel in some language out there, because she is all about it! She got infected by the wanderlust bug quite young, her family and her used to go abroad at least once a year on holidays, which then became twice a year…, and three times a year… And now she is totally hooked to travel! She describes herself as a slow traveller, she lives and works in one place for 4-8 months which gives her the chance to explore the areas around it in depth. Her quest actually is to make long travel a reality through teaching, and her priorities are alined to live this reality. She is now living in snowy Siberia and you definitely should follow her Instagram account, her adventures won’t stop any time soon 🙂

“I think the bug’s always been there but with more experiences comes more knowledge, and with more knowledge comes more bucket list items to chase!” by Zoe



from A Girl and Her Passport blog

Tiffany isn’t a tourist, she is a real traveller. Her quest is to discover the culture of a location through history, art, people and food using her stories and photography. She wants to live and feel the place she is visiting, or right now, where she lives. She got the wanderlust bug when she was a baby, her grandparents and parents used to take her and her sister on road trips in the US, but her desire to live abroad only came up when she was living in the Turks and Caicos Islands (I’m so jealous of her…). And now, she is an expat living in Qatar and you can follow her adventures through her blog and Instagram. And speaking on adventures, her next trip will be to Egypt and it will be soon! If you are not following her, you definitely should do it now!

“In a nutshell, I knew I could see the world and work by living abroad.” by Tiffany



from Here & Air blog

Where will you find Carmelisse next? You can ask her, but she won’t know it either! She just knows she wants to be everywhere! She got the bug about a year ago, and now she considers herself as an impulsive traveler. She wants to encourage people to live a better lifestyle, being the best version of themselves, and traveling for sure will help her with this quest.

just me and my trusty $3 hawaiian sandals. ? #gottaloveem #burntUP

Uma foto publicada por here & air? (@carmelisse) a

“I try to capture the beauty in the simple things in life during my travels in hopes to inspire people to explore more.” by Carmelisse

David & Angela (Dang)

from Dang Travelers blog

David and Angela, the Dang Travelers, love the outdoors and nature, but they spend time exploring big cities as well. They have many exciting short trips planned for the spring and are looking forward to their epic 11 week road trip in the summer. They will be visiting 11 National Parks across nine states and one Canadian territory. If this isn’t a good reason enough to follow them, I don’t know what would be then!
“We’ve both been obsessed with travel since a young age. We are slowly working towards long-term slow travel.” by David and Angela


from I’m Not A Tourist, I Swear! blog

She swears she’s not a tourist, and that’s the way she writes too. If you’re curious about other cultures, you want to know about a place from a different perspective, so her blog is the right one to follow. She is currently living in New York City, but soon she’s going on an adventure to Miami and then Guatemala, where she’ll be climbing a  14,000ft volcano!!! You definitely should also follow her instagram, I bet it will be amazing! And if that wasn’t enough, wait until April when she’ll be heading to the Middle East for the first time, to visit Dubai and Oman. Kristen will have a great year, and all to be shared on her instagram page 🙂

“I left the country for the first time when I was 19 and headed to Italy where I studied abroad. It opened my eyes to the world and I haven’t stopped traveling since!” by Kristen



from Stevie on the Move blog

“I wish I had the money to travel like you”. – Stevie is the proof that this isn’t true.He travels with hardly any money, he hitchhikes from place to place and gets food by dumpster diving. He says that the reward is not only to see those amazing places that he shares on his Instagram account, but also to experience the kindness and heartwarming encounters from all of those places he passes by. He has been traveling since always, but for the last two years he has been doing it nonstop and soon he will embark on an epic big trip, he called “Cape2Cape”. Currently volunteering and living on a husky farm in Arctic Norway, he will hitchhike from the North Cape to Cape Town in South Africa, so here’s another great reason to follow him on Instagram!

“I want to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone of their ordinary life and to go for their dreams and start doing what makes them truly happy.” by Stevie


Heather and Matt

from Travelationship blog

Heather and Matt met a few years ago on Valentine’s day at a pub, soon they realized they both were planning big trips, and that’s how two travelers get together! They are currently traveling the world for two years, and they hope to travel to several countries in 6 of the 7 continents, or if they win the lottery, also Antartica! They are currently in Malaysia and soon they’ll head to Sri Lanka, where I bet they’ll post amazing photos on Instagram 🙂

“I was bitten by the wanderlust bug early in life. I remember watching National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau documentaries and wanting to go to every place they showed.” by Heather

And for last, and extra account to follow…

My own Instagram account 🙂 I haven’t been much present on Instagram, but soon I’ll be embarking on an epic (or so I hope) two months trip to Australia! So if you are not following me there yet, I would really appreciate if you did so 🙂

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