Back to the Past – VI

It seems that November is the perfect month to visit new countries, at least according to my list or articles. This time I bring you three articles, all with something in common, the first time in some country. However, the fact these articles were all published in November, doesn’t mean I actually have traveled to those countries in November months 🙂

Japan, getting there…

Oh, that was a nice rush! I did solo travel a few times, nowadays I am comfortable to travel either with a good travel buddy or alone, we can always make new friends while we travel, but going to the other side of the world alone was interesting! Mostly the flight, which is harder to meet new people in a non-awkward way. Arriving there, and I had a friend waiting for me! The perfect excuse to choose a country to visit, also visiting friends 🙂

Dublin, another city, another capital, another country!

I love reading these old articles, my first time in Dublin was a massive surprise, firstly because until one week before my trip I had no idea I would go there, and then because of all the experience around it. A very enriching interview experience, a boost to my self-esteem, and another travel experience. Looking back, it’s funny how unlikely to live in Ireland it was for me, and just a few months after that interview I got another job in the same country 🙂 Life changes when you least expect, just embrace it 🙂

A few days in Zürich

Another great memory! I remember exactly how I booked this trip, my friend João told me about a good deal to visit him, and right away I asked my manager for a few days off 🙂 I didn’t waste a second considering that trip, as I knew I would have a great tip, which I did!

Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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