Back to the Past – V

Have I mentioned how much I do love this series? Digging old articles, reading memories that were forgotten or a bit blurred (I sound like an old man now), full of nostalgia. Also a nice exercise to see how much my writing improved, or what changed.

This time, the revival is a mix of articles, Erasmus, blog and packing for another trip.

The trip and my first day in Dresden!

My first article in this blog! Quite short one, but by then this blog was mainly to share my stories with my friends and family. It was also a great help to improve my written English, though after a few posts I just gave up and went back to Portuguese, by then my English wasn’t good enough to share stories and adventures with my characteristic sense of humor, it was a broken English, with a few direct translated expressions from Portuguese.

Changes in this blog

Every now and then the blog needs a makeover, I’ve done that a few times (maybe I should do another one soonish), and this post mentions one of those times. When I also adjusted a few pages and the information there displayed.


Packing again, next stop: Oslo!

I was getting ready to travel to my 15th country, and I found this video about how to pack. Obviously I didn’t use those tips, after all I was packing for a weekend only, but still an interesting video with a few good tips 🙂

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