Look Left Newsletter #1

Hi all!

Last week I sent my first Newsletter, that I plan to send once a month. Usually this Newsletter will have exclusive content for those that subscribed, but exceptionally I’ll post here the first one.

New Year, New Life (for the blog)

First of all, Happy New Year! Now the I broke the ice, let’s get started!

This is the first Newsletter of the Look Left Blog. A newsletter I plan to send once (and only once) a month, with very occasional extra newsletters.

Why the Newsletter? I want to keep my followers closer to me, and I want to give you something back from all your support. So the newsletters are meant to give extra information to you that other way you wouldn’t get.

What do I offer here?

A summarize of the previous month’s posts, both in Portuguese and English. You’ll know before hand what I am planning for the upcoming month. You’ll get to vote for what I’ll write next. I’ll give you lists of recommended links to read, etc.

You’ll be my closest followers!

Last Month’s Posts

2014 Review and 2015 Goals (Original post in English)

Extensive review of 2014’s goals, and set of new goals for 2015.

Plans for Next Month

In January I’ll start with a new model for the blog, this newsletter is part of that new “life” and it has a lot of work to be done!


With this new model I need to focus on creating quality content and keep it unpublished until I can assure a routine. And to make this work, unfortunately I won’t be able to release as much content for the first months as one would expect. My focus is quality not quantity.

I’ll publish one new post every second week starting on January 15th. And on the last Thursday of each month I’ll publish a review of any subject. The NL subscribers will always know before anyone else what I am working on.

For January I’ll review the app Gogobot, I already started using it on a daily basis, and soon I’ll start drafting the review.


Every month I’ll send a survey so that you can vote for which post I should translate the following month. My blog will be mostly in Portuguese from now on, but once a month I’ll translate one post from the last 6 months chosen by the community. The NL subscribers will get access to that survey one week in advance, I’ll send the first in February.

I’ll also interact more with the community with random links, related to travel and photography.

And since this is the first NL, I’ll also publish it on the blog in exactly one week.

And that’s all for now! Time to dive into this new adventure!

See you next month,


Red Bull Cliff Diving
Red Bull Cliff Diving

I hope you found it interesting, and hopefully you’ll also subscribe if you haven’t done it yet 🙂

Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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