Kayaking – 1st part

It’s time to update this blog…

A few weeks ago, more precisely 9th October, I went for my first kayak trip! Which was amazing 😀 I don’t remember that much the details, but I’ll try to write as much as I can remember.

Well, it started with my team (again, they are amazing) and they found this deal for 13€ a half day kayak or something alike. Nice deal, for irish standards, so we bought several tickets for us 😀

Ireland is a very peculiar country, amazingly green (I wonder why…) and with very few metropolitan areas, I think the fact that Ireland has just 5 million people explains the fact, therefore things that we would assume as normal like phone coverage, isn’t that good outside the cities because they just don’t need it (that much), and the place where we have been is like a black hole, no civilization 😛

We went for sea kayak, though it was a bay and the website says that it’s seal’s watching kayak or something alike…, however no seals 😛 But a lot of fun 😀 As I said before, it was my first kayak experience, so the first minutes I had to manage how to deal with the pedal, the kayak, with myself on the kayak, etc. Really funny and at first seemed quite hard, but it isn’t 🙂

When we all managed to deal with the kayak and the pedals, we started our tour throughout the bay, that bay has a few isles quite small, so we headed to one of them. The one, according to the girl at the kayak place, that would be more likely to find seals…, nope…, no seals 😛 And I not even reached that isle. And why not? Because some things only happen to me 😀

I was quite far away from the dock, and close to the isle, however the wind was quite strong and against my route…, what happened to me? My pedal broke in half!!! I had to options:

  • Keep my path, and fighting against the wind
  • Going back and ask for a new pedal

Guess I chose the second one, and it was REALLY hard! With half of a pedal is really hard to move a kayak and going straight with it, even worst when the wind is pushing you to the rocks and you really can’t rest nor even for a few seconds. I don’t know how long did I take to reach the dock, but it was really hard!

When I reached the dock, I asked the girl for another pedal and she gave me another broken one…, but that one I could see that was broken. I immediately said no to that one, and she said that that one was the only one for adults left…, not I took a smaller one for kids :X Ok, better a smaller one than another one broken!

When I went back to the bay, my colleges were already heading to the second isle, which is closed to the dock, so I went straight there! And now pedaling seemed really easy…, after several minutes pedaling with half of a pedal, even a pedal for kids it’s easier to handle if not broken!

That morning was really amazing, the next days we all were totally sore…, but the fun totally worth it!

After the kayak we went back to Cork, a stop for lunch in a small town (without phone coverage), and then home! The Kayaking 2nd part should be soon, scheduled for 13th November 🙂 Let’s see, that one seems even more promising 😀

Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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