Galway Races 2011

Long time since last time I wrote…, but life’s been quite busy lately 🙂 In a very good way!

Trying to catch back from last weeks, I went to Galway for the Galway Horse Races 2011, the goal of that trip was more to meet with António and visit the city, than the horse races per say.

Not much to say about that weekend since I can resume it to one single word, party, but it totally worth it! The city is really small, almost a big village with a great night life, very cosy and welcoming city worthing the trouble to go there, or maybe I was just lucky with the weekend 🙂

Regarding the horse races, well…, they have a kinda of a ritual and almost all of them follow it religiously: betting > bathroom > buying beer > watching the next race > betting > … A quite interesting way to warm up for the night 😀

Talking about the night…, I didn’t choose that weekend without a reason, the most popular horse races in Galway therefore party everywhere 😀 Yes, it was great and no need to say more 😀

After almost two months in Ireland, I had my first full irish breakfast and it had to be in Galway, don’t ask me why but it was there…, and considering the opinion of several people (not only those I’ve met in Galway), a full irish breakfast tastes better with hangover… Since I want to taste it properly, I “had” to do it that way…

Talking about hangover…, I should plan another trip to that side of Ireland…, I had “no time” for the Cliffs of Moher…, and if I really want to go there, I shall not pass through Galway, at least before the Cliffs :X

At last, the travel…, oh gawd…, I hate traveling by bus 🙁 It takes an eternity to reach the destination and we just can’t move during the whole trip 🙁 But it worth it! It really did! Thanks António!

Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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