Family in Cork

Eish, this happened exactly one month ago!!! I am really lazy with my updates, but despite you all might thing, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have life, just the opposite!!!

Well, a few years ago I went to Portugal for my niece’s first birthday this year I wanted to do the same with my nephew but I really couldn’t…, there is an expression that says something like this:

If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Well…, I did the opposite… (not that I am comparing myself with Muhammad), instead of going to Portugal, I took my brother, my sister-in-law, my niece and my nephew to Ireland! His first birthday gift (and mine) from me!

Between them, my brother was the only one that traveled before by plane, so it was a huge challenge for everyone and also a huge excitement (also for me), they departed from Faro Airport directly to Cork, just 2 hours and a half inside a plane…, poor kids…

They arrived in Cork and they managed to arrive successfully at my place, it was amazing to see their faces (mostly the kids, of course) when they saw me! Didn’t pass that much time, but still, saudades is saudades

I wasn’t the only one welcoming them…, Ireland also did her part…, with rain! They stayed here for 3 days, and they got 2 amazing wet days! That way that won’t call me liar, Ireland doesn’t know Summer!!!

The first day was the arrival, they arrived around 7pm at my place, quite tired, so we just went for a walk and to drink some dirty water (in Ireland they also call it coffee), the next day we had to wake up quite early, and also because of the kids we went home quite early as well.

The second day was the “biggest”, quite wet but also quite amazing! We did The Ring of Kerry through an excursion, the easiest and better way to do this trip without getting lost nor driving on the wrong side of the street…, it was really amazing and I truly recommend you all to do this trip, but avoid excursions…, too fast and you won’t enjoy much… the best thing is a two days trip and sleeping over halfway. Even worse if you have kids…, they require a lot patience and they have a lot of bathroom-needs that might waste part of your time 😛

The third day, again a wet day and really unfortunately…, I had plans for every single day with them here, but very few things “indoors”…, I planned to go to Fota with them, I am sure the kids would love it, instead we enjoyed the city of Cork which can be done even if it’s raining (with umbrellas and raincoat, of course).

The last day was a little bit fast, they had to catch the plane back to Portugal, so we couldn’t be that relaxed with time…, anyway, I went with them to Cobh, it was a sunny day so we could enjoy a little bit of outdoors in the surroundings, and Cobh can be seen in two hours which is nice when we have a tight schedule.

Then the airport…, and the back home 🙁 I miss them quite a lot, I missed them even before they departed…

Here it is a trailer of their trip to Ireland:

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