Dublin, another city, another capital, another country!

After several months…, here it is the post that some people are already waiting for 🙂


The last two weeks have been quite intense for me, I sent my CV to a big company in Dublin (I don’t want to mention names) and after a couple of phone interviews I passed to the final phase, the on site interviews! Obviously I won’t talk about the interview process, neither what they have asked, but I’ll talk about the city!

Dublin is one amazing city, like a huge village with very few skyscrapers and full of green areas! 🙂 Some garbage on the floor, but for someone who spent 6 months in Athens that’s nothing! My first day there was quite stressful, I arrived, I went to the hotel and then the interviews…, after that I had a walk just for sightseeing and some photos (already online, but with private link) then I headed up to Temple Bar! It’s like Bairro Alto, a little bit smaller but with an AMAZING nightlife! People playing and singing on the streets, pubs everywhere, of course almost all of them with the “Irish Pub” style we are already used to. I only know that I had a great night over there, so easy to speak to people and everyone so nice! It was rare to spend more than ten minutes without hearing a “hi there!” or something alike. I am totally amazed by that district!

The next day was quite rainy, Ireland…, but even that didn’t stop me from going out and see the city. The recruiter recommended me to visit one village nearby Dublin, but since it was raining I decided to stay just in Dublin, and as usually I tried to get lost to discover a little bit of that city 🙂 Amazing, have I already told you this? 🙂

Again, I headed up to Temple Bar for a walk, went to O’Connell Street where I saw a demonstration against Tony Blair, whom I believe was in Dublin for some reason and again, more walking! I love getting lost in new cities 🙂

Well, then it was time to return to Portugal…, airport…, I went a couple of hours earlier (I really don’t know why I did that…), and there I met a professor I had in Portugal! The last time I saw him I was in Dresden! He didn’t remember me, of course, he had thousands of students…, but he remembered my voice (no comments, please :P). When I told him where he saw me the last time he immediately remembered who I am! We had a nice chat about faculty and my decisions about not proceeding with the master that time, then…, flight to Portugal.

If you think the story ends here, you are totally wrong! I was so tired that I felt asleep the moment the plane departed, when I woke up the couple next to me were eating sushi. It was quite odd, sushi on a plane, but well…, since we had to pay for our own food (no meal included), that was understandable. I said to them that I felt asleep and I missed the food trolley, the lady immediately offered me some sushi. Politely I refused it, and I called the flight attendant…, the moment I pushed the button that lady pulled another box of sushi and gave it to me, she said they had bought that at the airport and they bought too much food!!!! I was so embarrassed that I had to accept! My first sushi on a plane! Something definitely to remember!!! Also, with the prettiest sunset I have ever seen! Something indescribable!

Landed in Portugal, probably the worst landing ever…, I gave them some tips about Portugal, Sintra and Cascais and then I went back to my family 🙂

Unfortunately, I got a no from my job application, but still an amazing experience to share and with which I learned a lot! Now I know that I can dream, because sometimes dreams become reality! 🙂

Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

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