Christmas Season

Well, today’s 25th of January, so it seems as a good day to write a post about a week that happened exactly one month ago. I am delayed…, but not that much 🙂

Nothing much to tell about the Christmas Season as the compulsive spending season, but a little bit about what happened during that period. First, I moved to my new place! Horray, now I live alone and I have a flat just for myself…, to clean 🙁 I got this flat in beginning of December, and I moved quite slowly, and a lot of junk to carry! Seriously, I really don’t understand how can one gather that much junk in just six month!! Well, my last day at my “old” (not so old) place was the 22nd, the next day (and night) was already at the new flat…, no internet (by then), nothing organized…, a strange place that now I call home 🙂

The 24th, my departure to Portugal. I had this flight booked since August, I wasn’t supposed to stay longer in Ireland, but good things happen and I was invited to renew my contract! But well, the flight was booked in a very erroneous way…, I don’t consider myself as a travel newbie, but sometimes I really do stupid decisions and this was a big pack of stupid decisions!

  • Booked flight to December 24th (probably one of the most chaotic days to travel)
  • Exchanging flight in London (probably one of the most chaotic airport in Europe…)
  • Through British Airways (the guys that like to do strikes during holiday seasons)
  • Returning flight for January 1st (I really don’t know where I had my head on when I booked this one)

Every single variable was enough for something to go wrong…, it didn’t 🙂

London airport (Heathrow) is HUGE! I heard about it, but it was my first time there…, I even got lost in the lounge, and I believe that wasn’t the biggest one at that airport… After ensuring that all my luggage was properly transferred to the second flight, I board glad that at least the gifts would be delivered to the kids 😀 Santa’s in the house 😀

Once in Portugal, after a full day trip and totally exhausted, the Christmas dinner…, well, that was one of the main reasons why I flew to Portugal 😀 Perfect, warm and loud (kids) 😀

The following days were also quite chaotic, in between the new passport that I had to create and the friends that were asking to meet with me, I barely had time for my family…, one week is really short! But I managed to meet with almost everyone, I spend some time with my nephews and other family, I finally have my passport 😀 And I had 2 dinners with friends! Perfect, short in time but everything went as scheduled 🙂

The way back wasn’t that smoothly, but still as planned. I never saw Lisbon’s airport SOOOO FULL! When I saw the queue to the securities I thought it was just some pre-checking, that queue couldn’t be the queue to the securities… It just couldn’t! But it was! First of January, the worst day ever to travel! The airport was totally packed, I spend around one hour on that queue (thankfully I arrived quite early at the airport as well)! Damn, I was really surprised! Even passing through the security was a drama, the couple just before me had a baby…, oh damn, the mother had to taste all the baby-food, they had to disassemble the whole baby-trolly…, and I was there…, waiting for my turn! I arrived at the gate just when it open for boarding!

After that, was Dublin! Another post to write 🙂

Gil Sousa

Portuguese expat in Cork, traveler and food enthusiastic.

One thought on “Christmas Season

  • February 13, 2012 at 10:33 pm


    O meu nome é Carina, sou aluna de engenharia Civil, da universidade do minho. E estou a ponderar fazer erasmus em Dresden, entao em pesquisa pela internet encontrei este blogue, que desde já agradeço pela parte dos locais que se possam alugar. Peço desculpa usar a forma de comentario, e num assunto que nao erasmus, mas nao conseguia fazer de outra maneira…

    Já agora, permita-me fazer algumas perguntas…

    Em Dresden o custo de vida é muito elevado!? Pergunto por ser alemanha, e esta tem um custo um tanto elevado, comparado com Portugal, principamente para estudantes.
    Que curso frequentava?
    As aulas sao em ingles?! Como funcionam com alunos de erasmus?!

    Desde já um muito obrigada pela disponibilidade
    os meus cumprimentos

    Carina Silva


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