Changes in this blog

Long time without changing things, so it’s time for something new…, and again, a new theme šŸ™‚ I hope you like it, at least is different.

I also have changed the pageĀ “Travels“, nothing too special, just added the “Places to visit one day” to the map. All that green pinsĀ are those places that I want to visit one day, some just because I want to travel without any special reason, others because for some reason I thought I would have theĀ chance to go thereĀ and something just changed it.

More countries might be added to this list, such as Cape Verde or East Timor where I almost got the change to work in (and for some stupid reason I refusedĀ it…), but I need to considerĀ before adding more countries to a list, that already has a lot of places to visit. Higher the goals, higher theĀ frustration… Keep it real.

In two weeks I’ll add one (or more) markers to that map, but blue markers šŸ™‚ Keep in touch and I’ll let you know where I’ll be!

Ahh, and regarding the blog’s name…, I’ll keep it until something bigĀ happensĀ in my live, maybe new country, maybe new job or maybe just a new challenge.

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