Back to the Past – I

This year my blog passed through a few changes and updates, and with those also a few new things. I started to write mainly in Portuguese, I also decided to translate an article a month, I created a newsletter and I managed to maintain a regular publication of new articles to the blog. Now that I created a routine and that I see it works, I decided to add one last column.

What’s that and how does it work?

On the first day of each month I’ll publish two articles, on in English and another one in Portuguese, with summaries of older articles written either in English or Portuguese accordingly. The idea is not to copy what I wrote in the past but remind and revive articles that could be of the interest of those that follow the blog. And with this, here’s the first edition of Back to the Past 🙂

Look Left!

What a better way to start the Back to the Past series than with the post that named this blog? I changed this blog’s name a few times, and this was the last name I chose. Do things your way, not what looks right 😉

Look Left Banner

[Peru] Day 14, Arequipa

Arequipa was a big surprise, at first we thought about running away from it, but we were so glad we gave it a second chance! Peruvian’s second city has a lot of history and culture, to add to the lovely landscapes surrounding the city.

Sunset at Arequipa Airport
Sunset at Arequipa Airport


My first app review, and one app I’d love to be able to update more often. It records and shows the world map of places I’ve visited, and it reminds me there’s so much still to see 🙂

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