Back to the Past – XII

Well, Fools’ Day has passed, a while ago actually, but this article was written to be published by 1st of April, however, since I was still on the road I decided to postpone it…, until now 🙂 Considering the main topic, it is right on time 🙂

The Fools’ Day is that special day of the year when we have a laugh at friends’ cost and family with some lies or improbable truths . It is a day that ends up bringing a smile to same faces and how doesn’t like a smily face? 🙂 Therefore, I decided to dedicate this Back to the Past to some friends of mine I visited and to all those great moments I had thanks to them.

My last month in Portugal before moving to Ireland, I had to visit my best friend that lives in the beautiful city of Portimão, in the south of Portugal. I didn’t leave the country, but I got to visit a city that I barely knew and I spent what is called proper quality time among friends.

A short flight from Cork, a longer drive in England and there I was, in the very south of the country and the Great Britain island. I visited my friends and I got to meet a baby girl for the first time, obviously, we also had a lot of time to explore the south of the country and get to see the amazing Stonehenge.

My first trip to Asia, my first long solo flight and two weeks traveling (almost always) solo! What a great experience, but Tokyo was something totally different, again, with friends! And what a night too… I missed the whole next day, but I don’t regret for a second!

Three countries, three friendships and three perfect excuses to visit new places. We can travel whenever we want, as long that we have time for that. Money helps to make those trips come true, but one can always travel without leaving the country. Visiting friends isn’t that straightforward, today they are “here”, tomorrow no one knows… If you like to travel and you have friends somewhere in the world, or even not so far from you, that you’d like to visit one day, don’t postpone that trip. Tomorrow they might not even be in that city, or not being “here at all“…

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Back to the Past - XII

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