Back to the Past – XI

Blogging is a passion I have, and I really love feedback. The best feedback one can get is direct messages, which often doesn’t happen, when that lacks, we can only reply on stats and for this edition I decided to list the three top viewed articles in English.

This is the most viewed article, written in English, I had so far! Also, one of the most shared and most commented. Portugal is a country I won’t get tired of recommend to people to visit, maybe because I am biased, maybe because it is indeed really a beautiful country. This is a list of not-so-known places by tourists, but well known by most of Portuguese people. Totally worth a visit.

Machu Picchu, the highlight of the whole trip, that one place that we must visit when in Peru and that we waited so long to visit. Also, the first New World Wonder I visited 🙂

When you pack for a trip, which items do you always pack? Do you have a “Not To Forget” List? I surely do, and it is so automatic that nowadays I don’t even look at that list, only to double check in the end.

Like I said before, stats are one of the ways I can get a feeling of what people like to read or not, but direct messages are the best way possible, personal and heartwarming most of the times 🙂

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Back to the Past - XI

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