Back to the Past – X

And here we are again, for the 10th edition of the Back to the Past series! The theme for this edition is Preparations and Misadventures, so for that I selected three articles that I think represent really well what I mean by misadventures and how expectations can be properly measured if the trip is properly prepared…, or not…

This was probably my first real list-article ever, listing issues I faced during my second trip to London. I really love that city, but that experience became unforgettable for the wrong reasons. I must admit that I wrote this article full of rage, almost all the delays I had were due the same company, but now looking back I can only laugh at it and think how much fun it actually was. And it was, despite being stressed it was fun to get to meet people that other way I would never get to chat with.

One of my favorite articles, also one that I follow the least 😛 Just joking, obviously I believe in all the thoughts I wrote in that article, however I shameless admit I don’t always follow all those tips, I still have that paranoia telling me I should book things in advance… I really try hard not to do so, so nowadays I only try to make sure I’ll be at the airport on time to my return, and that’s it 🙂

I’ve been lucky endless times, or maybe I just look at my misadventures with a very positive perspective. But this time, I think I went a bit too far, everything was telling me not to leave Athens, and I did it nonetheless. It was a great weekend and I regret nothing, but I was damn lucky! Oh if I was…

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Back to the Past - X

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