Back to the Past – VII

While looking into my list of old articles, I noticed that I published a lot of articles about Japan in December 2013, passing through one of the most beautiful places I’ve been while there, Mount Misen. Japan was my first time in Asia and my first solo long flight, also a great cultural experience that I don’t ever want to forget!

Mount Misen, Miyajima

Mount Misen was a mix of wonder and fear, I hiked alone to the top, and on the way I read a few signs regarding venomous snakes… I never encountered with any, but still, makes you think. At the top I got to see one unforgettable view, I had a break there while enjoying the view and I chatted a bit with some other hikers. It’s amazing how insignificant I felt after hearing other people sharing their experiences, every person has a story to share, and someone will always be surprised by it.

Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyoto

Jet lag? A problem? Not at all! Thanks to that, I got to visit this amazing site without crowds, I took several photos without a single person in view, I had my time to enjoy the place, and on my way back I saw how lucky I was. A mass of tourists arriving, such a big crowd that the shrine tunnel seemed to be “flushing” people. I doubt I would even manage to enjoy that place if I had arrived at the normal time, thank you jet lag!

Entrance to Fushimi Inari-taisha

Koyasan’s Graveyard

Never ever I imagined to enjoy so much being in a graveyard, but Koyasan’s is something special, the ancient and the new all together, a massive park with tombs and temples, and full with stories to tell. I wish I had done a night tour, that’s the only thing I regret not doing in that place, but nonetheless, I had a great time there, at a graveyard…

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