APP review: FlightBoard

FlightBoard is a very simple but useful app for those that have to use airports with some frequency, either to fly or to pick up/drop people. The app’s name is self-explanatory, it is basically a flight board with the basic information you might need regarding some flight.


List of flights arriving and departing from a selected airport
Airport search functionality
Information regarding selected flight
Sharing options (Message, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Copy, Open in 3rd party apps)



This app is very simple and useful, as I mentioned before, but lacks updated information regarding boarding gates. Even with big airports, like London Heathrow, most of the destinations only have shown the terminal instead of gate, which it is by itself already a great help for those runners that are late for their flights. Of course this isn’t the app fault, they get this information from somewhere else, but still, a not so good point.

About the sharing features, there is one option not so obvious but very helpful, you can open FlightBoard on the Arrivals of the selected airport with the board centered to your arrival time. This is just a great feature, if you have a layover or a non-connected flight you can preview how much time you’ll have between flights in case of delay.

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